Printed Paper Bag

Paper used in production: White kraft or brown kraft paper.

We are producing strong and durable printed paper bag with your company logo or desired design.
Since there is no standard size, we determine the appropriate size for the area you want to use.
The handle types are auger handle or flat model and are attached to the bag with hot glue.

Advantages of Using Printed Packaging;

Your company’s goods or products are not enough to make your customers loyal and not enough to get a place in their mind by themselves.

So how do you make your customers to remember you before their purchasing products or services?

The answer to this question goes through your logo and brand.

The mark / brand image means that when people are satisfied with the service or product they receive, they reinforce it with a logo or sign and remember that they are satisfied when they see this sign or logo again and then demand this service or product again.

Printed packaging products provide;

  • Increases the prestige of your company.
  • Provides a professional construction appearance.
  • They are an effective advertising tool for your potential customers.
  • It allows customers to get a place on their minds.
  • Creates a sense of trust by improving your brand image.
  • It allows you to choose when your customers need a product or service.

In short, the brand image of a product or service is important and it is a convenient method to use printed packaging.

Printed packing products advantages
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